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Dad ... This is for You
Thank you Dad for sharing the stories of our history
and bloodied yet noble past. I can see the quiet pride
you shared with your brothers - those that were brave or
crazy enough to take on both the Communists and Nazis
during WWWII while fighting as Rebel Revolutionary
Partisans trying to protect their own livelihood,
culture and country - Ukraine.
I do not forget the tales of happier times - even now I see
you and your colleagues doing the same thing haha - no
excuse is necessary to dance, drink, sing and have
lively discussions on politics, history and local scandals.
Thank you also for sharing your almost child-like
fascination for the natural beauty of this country we call
home - Australia - and for teaching all of us how we
could live self sufficiently off the land; the importance
of friends, knowledge and good humour.
To honour, acknowledge and now immortalise
forever the memory and deeds of our family.
- for your seven brothers who gave their lives -
- and the seven uncles I never met -
The above photo is of our family's church in Lvov, Ukraine. Since the
fall of communism, my father has been able to provide funds for its
restoration. The photo remains copyright of Kitt's Dad.
That's him below :) visiting a memorial to the cosacks and partisans.
- dressed to kill - 1950 -
Hunting rabbits and communists outside of Albury, NSW


Dad, Your favourite song ...
I remember thinking it was a real dag song :)
However, now that I understand your past,
the lyrics couldn't be more apt for your page.
Fernando - Abba

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